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Today the custom options for automobiles are nearly endless. Back in the day having a CD player or radar detector was a big deal. But now you can find cars with home theatre systems complete with in-dash DVD players, headrest monitors, surround sound speakers and visor-mount screens. If you own a car in Middletown, CT and want the best custom electronic installation available for your vehicle, contact the pros at Mobile Electronics.

Expertly trained to handle custom audio, video, navigation, remote start and alarm systems, the staff at Mobile Electronics is here to help you get the features you need to make your ride comfortable and convenient. From safety and navigation to entertainment and window tinting we have the capability to work on all makes and models of automobiles including specialty remote start systems on high-end foreign cars.


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Safety First

Cars today are made to be as safe as possible but that doesn’t mean accidents won’t still happen. Most of the accidents that occur are fender benders in parking lots that can be avoided with the right backup camera system. We work with backup camera products from top brand name manufacturers to help you get the video surveillance you need to be as careful as possible.

Backing up in any crowded parking lot can be dangerous but with expertly installed backup cameras you can have full view of where your car is going and what’s in the way. With superior resolutions, several angle options and night vision features we can install a backup camera system that will make driving much less stressful.

Custom Sound

If you’re satisfied with the factory installed stereo in your new car you might be one of only a handful of people. Factory stereo systems are the bare basic when it comes to audio quality and at Mobile Electronics we spend a large portion of our time swapping out poor quality factory systems and installing custom audio solutions that feature top of the line sound equipment from well known manufacturers. From head units and speakers to amplifiers and subwoofers we have all the right equipment to make your car a symphony of high quality sound.

Whether you want booming bass that will rattle the windows or the right treble for your taste in classical music, our certified technicians will consult with you on the best system for your car make and model and successfully install aftermarket audio equipment that is far superior to any factory installed stereo.

For custom car electronic service in Middletown contact Mobile Electronics: 203-284-3800

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