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When you need custom automotive electronic installation for your car, contact the pros at Mobile Electronics. For over 10 years the skilled technicians at Mobile Electronics have been helping car owners get the right stereo systems, window tinting, GPS navigation systems, remote start alarms and visor-mount TV screens for their vehicles so they can drive in comfort and style. When new cars roll off the assembly line the features are pretty similar.

Today, if you want your car to be custom and stand out you need highly skilled automotive electronics specialists who can work within the wiring system of your car and install high quality audio, video and alarm products from some of the most trusted names in the industry.


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black car with dark window tint

Seeing is Believing

Screens are everywhere. From iPads and smart phones to Google glasses and video games it’s hard to go anywhere without a screen facing you. Today, more car owners and people who own SUV’s and passenger vans are setting up their vehicles to be rolling mobile theatres complete with headrest monitors, in-dash DVD players, visor-mount screens and ceiling-mount screens.

Every parent knows how trying a car ride can be with anxious kids. Sitting in traffic on long rides can be extremely boring and if you don’t have something to occupy your passengers you could be in for a difficult time. Installing DVD players and headrest monitors in your SUV or van will take care of that problem and at Mobile Electronics we have a full staff of expertly trained technicians who can properly install custom video and audio equipment so it feels like a real movie theatre right in your own vehicle.

Window Tinting

Window tinting isn’t just for kids in tricked out Civics. Tinting does more than just darken your car windows it also blocks heat, glare and UV light and makes driving your car much easier when the sun is shining strong. With the right tint job on your car you can also keep the temperature in your vehicle at a comfortable level which will help reduce your reliance on the air conditioning and in time cut down on your cooling costs. Many places offer window tinting but not all are equally adept at performing the job.

At Mobile Electronics all of our staff is full trained on the art of car window tinting and can consult with you to determine the right tint for your vehicle.

For custom car electronic service in North Haven and Wallingford contact Mobile Electronics: 203-284-3800

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