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Even when a brand new car rolls off the assembly line there are still plenty of aftermarket equipment and products you can add to customize the car to meet your exacting standards. Whether you want to swap out the factory-installed stereo in your car for a custom system or add in-dash DVD players and window tinting, Mobile Electronics has the products you need and the technicians you can trust to get your custom job done right the first time.

Being safe and comfortable when driving are crucial and with custom electronics installation work from Mobile Electronics you can count on top brand name products, expert installation and affordable rates.


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Specialty Remote Start

Remote start systems have become more popular but not every installer is trained to work on foreign vehicles. If you own a Mercedes, BMW or Audi and want a remote start system installed, contact the trained technicians at Mobile Electronics. Foreign-made cars are known for having intricate and complex computer systems and if the installer is not trained to work on these systems it’s very easy to lose important original factory operations and settings.

We can also work on hybrids and push-to-start vehicles as well and offer modules for remote star, alarm control and alarm with remote start control. These modules will allow you arm and disarm the vehicle, remote start and shutdown, release the trunk, initiate GPS tracking and many other functions that will make your ride as convenient as possible.

Custom Stereo Systems

Most car owners can’t wait to swap out the factory installed stereo and get started on installing a brand new, custom audio system. At Mobile Electronics we love custom stereos just as much as our customers and we look forward to designing and installing custom car stereos that include top brand name aftermarket equipment manufacturers.

In our audio showcase you’ll find high quality head units, speakers, amplifiers, subwoofers, wiring kits and batteries that will turn any car into a mobile concert hall. From booming bass to the highest treble we can custom install a car stereo so you get the sound you want when cruising around in your ride.

For custom car electronic service in Southington CT contact Mobile Electronics: 203-284-3800

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